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8 Expert Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell 

I've been working with buyers and sellers for years. Over time, I've collected some good tips if you're in the market to sell your home. A well-presented home can sell for more money and faster than a home that hasn't been fixed up to sell. Usually, this doesn't take much money either! Just a little elbow grease and pop open your favorite beer and get ready to do a little work - you'll thank me later!


Appeal to buyers who can't see past you're own, personal style. Take a tour of your house through a buyer's eyes. 


Find a Loving home for your pets during open houses and showings. Fido can deter even the savviest buyer.


De-Clutter! counters, closets, pantry, cabinets, shelves, outside areas, family photos. Don't make your home feel sterile, but allow the buyer to picture themselves living in their new home.


Have your carpets professionally cleaned

clean (and keep clean)! 

grout, floors, garbage, appliances, light fixtures, windows, bathrooms


Update (what you can) 

Paint, hardware, light fixtures, house numbers, outdoor lighting



curb appeal

plant fresh flowers, trim bushes, pick weeds and keep your lawn mowed. It's the first thing buyers see, so you want to make a great first impression

DIY fixes

patch dents in the walls, touch up grout, fix leaky taps and cracked tiles, look for other problems that might come up in inspection 


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