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The Home Buying Process (in a nutshell)

The home buying process is different for every buyer. Whether this is your first home, tenth home, investment property or vacation house, your needs will vary. This checklist gives you an overview of the process of buying a home. For information regarding your specific needs, give me a call!

Find a Real Estate Agent you trust! Your real estate agent will be guiding you along the way, negotiating contracts, keeping track of deadlines among many other tasks. Make sure that whoever you choose is a person you trust to help you through the home buying process. I'm here to answer any questions you have, so give me a call and find out what I do to help buyers.

Talk with your lender. They'll want some preliminary paperwork from you so that they can help you determine a budget and send you a pre-qualification letter. You'll need this letter before you make an offer on any home. 

Make a list of wants and needs in both a home and a neighborhood. Prioritize this list so that both you and your real estate agent are clear on what is most important in a home. 

Select and view properties that meet your search criteria. Make sure you take good notes along the way - you'll probably look at many properties and you'll want to remember what you liked and disliked. 

Buying a home can be a complicated process

Make an offer! Once you find a home you love, make a strong offer and get it accepted. You'll want to present your pre-qualification letter along with your offer, so make sure you have that from your lender. You'll also need to submit an earnest money check so be sure to have the amount necessary available. Learn more about what I do to help buyers through the home buying process.

Attend the inspection. Be sure that you and your agent walk arond with the inspector so you learn about the home you're buying and make sure that all of your questions are answered. The inspector will deliver a detailed report a day or two after the inspection is complete. 

Continue working closly with your lender. Make sure to submit all paperwork they request as soon as you can so that your loan can close on time. 

Contact the local utility companies to make sure that all utilities are ready to be transferred into your name after your closing and you take possession of the property. 

Complete the final walk through with your real estate agent. Make sure that the home is in the condition you agreed to in the inspection resolution and that all repairs are complete. 

Buying a home

Closing! You'll need to bring the cash to closing that your lender specified. Make sure to rest your hand - you'll be signing lots of papers. Then, get your keys and enjoy your new home!

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